Welcome to the archives of our styling show Vintage Fashion Advice You’re Welcome! Hosted by Maegan Hayward and Nina Burns.

EP91: Things are getting weird...


EP90: On this week’s episode of #vfayw it's prom time! Georgia @georgiacarbone enlists the help of Nina @ninaburns & Maegan @redsvintagethreads to find the perfect vintage prom getup!


EP89: On this week’s episode of #vfayw Nina @ninaburns & Maegan @redsvintagethreads collaborate Golden Girls style with our friend Charles from @shopexit9 ! Exit9 has the Golden Girls gifts he needs, but he wants to swing by for a Golden Girls party outfit!


EP88: #vfayw goes on the road! Thanks to all who came out and supported our @nyfw pop up on Tuesday! 💕💕💕💕💕


EP87: Scrambling to put together that last minute Valentine’s Day look?! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!


EP86: On this week’s episode of #vfayw we are paying homage to one of our favorite 80’s movies! ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️Thanks to @ianholubiak & @ninaburns for getting silly with us and go follow Ian’s band @jungle.animals for realz..


EP85: Vintage Fashion Advice You’re Welcome is back, baby! On this episode Nina’s cousin Atlee @xxatlee stops by the shop in search of a vintage power suit and Nina @ninaburns & Maegan @redsvintagethreads are ready to bring on the power!!!! 💪 💪 💪 💪


EP84: Happy New Year everyone! Thanks from all of us to all of you for all the amazing support in 2019! 💋💋💋💋💋 Cheers to more vintage fun in 2020! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


EP83: Hey party people! Are you ready for New Year’s Eve?! On this ep of #vfayw we checked in with @ninaburns in NYC & @emory.vanek in JAX to see what vintage looks they were feeling for taking us into 2020! Remember, wearing vintage to the party means you’re sure to stand out! Come on by and get the perfect outfit for this year’s NYE celebrations!


EP82: On this episode of #vfayw our vintage enthusiast buddy Maelyn stops by to see Nina @ninaburns & Maegan @redsvintagethreads for some true vintage looks and has some serious success!


EP81: On this episode of #VFAYW, Mo @mo.zelly drops in on Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns for some vintage jeans madness! ‼️👖✨


EP80: On this (80th‼️) episode of #VFAYW, Maegan @redsvintagethreads, Nina @ninaburns and Snacks get a visit from Nina’s Mom, Jill @jillburns5, who gets inspired to revisit the 80s.. 👾💄🕶🌜🌈🐾


EP79: Bloopers Volume Five!


EP78: This week on #VFAYW, highlights from our 4-year anniversary party at EVVC! Thanks so much @gaylestacher for contributing tarot reading, @sweetface.snoballs for serving up authentic New Orleans Snoballs, @amalydominguez for providing make-up, @abracadabratrip for the impromptu appearance, all our amazing guests and customers, and everyone else who made the night (and the first 4 OF MANY years) a privilege and a total blast. ⚡️🍾🎉🙏


INTERLUDE / SHAMELESS PARTY AD: Some BTS action from our Dirty Disco Love photo shoot! The photos taken by @sandradillon_fotografka will be shown and will be for sale this weekend at our 4 year anniversary party with a portion of the proceeds going to @door_nyc !!
Amazing art & fun times to support a wonderful cause!
This Sat Sep 21st, 7-11pm
EVVC - 545 East 12th Street, NYC


EP77: This week on #VFAYW, Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns get inspired by the classic 80s publication “Cocktails For Two” & dress up in vintage garb from the shop for some time out on the town 🍸
Thanks to @luckyonb for the awesome shooting location! & thanks for the heads up on this book @enjolifromspace & to @kaleyroshitsh for the help and the shout out in @wwd


EP76: This week on #VFAYW Maegan's best bud Mamrie @mametown asks Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns (and Snacks) to help pull her out of her mid-tour frump-funk with a snazzy vintage dinner outfit for one. And in the midst of the chaos, an unexpected rivalry reveals itself...💪


EP75: On this ep. of Vintage Fashion Advice You’re Welcome JAX #vfayw Maegan @redsvintagethreads & Mere @meremererae hook up with Bobby K @shopbobbyk for help with a fashion emergency! Have a vintage item or any clothing item that needs a refreshed more modern or better fitting look? Bobby’s your guy! 👗


EP74: On this episode of #VFAYW, the inimitable Glockabelle (@glockabelle) is looking for some stage wear with as much pizzazz as her performances. In short, she needs vintage to SHRED in. Luckily Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Nina (@ninaburns) know were to find it!

Like Glockabelle's music featured in this ep? Go to @glockbelle / glockabelle.com for upcoming shows and music to download! 🎼🎹


EP73: I know it's only our 5th JAX episode, but we make a lot of mistakes, so we thought we'd treat you to some of fave bloopers, outtakes and alternative endings! Enjoy, and stay tuned every other Thursday for #VFAYW JAX with Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Mere @meremererae!


EP72: This week on VFAYW, Jean @riverdale_mama needs some help beating the heat! So, Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina (@ninaburns) find her a couple of easy, summery vintage outfits that she can throw on with her Birkenstocks 🌞👗🍹


EP71: On this episode of #VFAYW JAX, the amazing Megan Harbison @meganole25 & her little cuties Cooper, Miles & Embry drop by to support sustainable fashion & local business while picking up some tropical looks for their upcoming vacation!
Mere @meremererae & Maegan @redsvintagethreads are there to help them shop for looks! 🐠☀️⛱🏝🌺


EP70: On this episode on #VFAYW, Nina (@ninaburns) has sworn herself off of fast fashion, and as much as she loves vintage, she sometimes wants a modern addition to her outfit that is equally as cool and sustainable as the items in her vintage wardrobe. Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) decides to enlist the help of her friend Serene of Leroy's Place (@leroysplace), who has just realized an amazing sustainable fashion line! Together they fulfill Nina's vintage+modern=sustainable needs! ☁️⚡️💚


EP69: On this episode of VFAYW JAX (Vintage Fashion Advice You’re Welcome), Liz (@lizzi460) from @exclamation.magazine stops in to ask Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Mere (@meremererae) to find her some cool new ways to rock her Exclamation tee, vintage style!

**The summer issue of Exclamation Magazine just came out! Visit @exclamation.magazine for details**


EP68: Maegan @redsvintagethreads is back from Jax! Her and Nina @ninaburns catch up on what they've been up to and dream about all the future VFAYW episodes to come ☁️💗💤 Thanks to @joyfacenyc for the awesome drinks and shoot location!


EP67: On this latest installment of #VFAYW, Alex from @jaxmarketplace stops in to ask Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Mere @meremererae to hook her up with a bright colored 90s look that'll take her back to her butterfly-clip-wearing roots! 💙💛💚


EP66: Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns show how they harness the power of vintage every week on #vfayw to fight the evil forces of fast fashion! 💥⚡️🗡🛡


EP65: On this ep of #vfayw, which comes to you from EVVC JAX / @evvintagecollectivejax, the inimitable Edie stops by the shop because she’s looking for the perfect denim jacket! Mere @meremererae & Maegan @redsvintagethreads step in to help her find what she’s looking for! ⚡️🌈🌻🦄


EP64: Maegan’s in JAX and Nina’s in NYC. This week they check in with one another to see who can “top that” when it comes to each other’s merchandise. (Ironically, we can ship from either store to anywhere, making the whole battle somewhat futile..🐣)


TEASER: A little break from our regular programming to bring you this taste of 80s footage appropriation.. 📺⌛️


EP63: This week, Maegan and Nina get campy and rethink uses for the charm necklace. Come on by EVVC and grab yourself a pair of vintage charm earrings handmade by the gals! Hitting the shelves today! 🍓🍀☎️🎰🍪🍟🍒⚓️


EP62: This week we take another lewk back at some of the many fab VFAYW lewks so far! Like what you see? Check out our archive of previous eps on YouTube or by searching #vfayw! 💛💚💙💜


EP61: This week’s ep of VFAYW comes to you from JAX, FL. Tori from @thatpoorgirlvintage and Maegan from @evvintagecollectivejax / @evvintagecollective help an unprepared Mere (@meremererae) get ready for @floridatheatre ‘s #80sonforsythe party!!! 🎉 🎈⚡️


EP60: This week, on the 60th episode of VFAYW, the girls get an intimidating visit from a neighborhood diva who needs a new wardrobe.


EP59: This week Maegan and Nina get a visit from Massimo and Angel from @massandangel, who bring in a select few vintage designer pieces to style with some classic vintage pulled from the racks at EVVC 🌟


EP58: On this week's episode of #VFAYW -- which comes to you from Jacksonville, FL! @evvintagecollectivejax -- Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Mere (@meremererae) get some help from Lauren of @RetroLuxeResin to brighten up their outfits and pull them out of their fashion-funk...

We are excited to say this is installment 1 of many #VFAYW eps to come from EVVC JAX!

2nd piece of exciting news: we will be carrying a selection of Retro Luxe Resin accessories at both @evvintagecollective and @evvintagecollectivejax locations! 🍭🍬🍒


EP57: This week on #VFAYW, DJ (@dualityjunkie) is about to relaunch his online vintage shop (@queerforclout), so stops in on the gals for a tip or two on styling some sweet tiger pants for a photo shoot🐯➕👖➕📸


EP56: Sometimes the only way to move forward is to look back.. So, by popular demand, we present part two of our lewk back at some of the super cool #vfayw lewks so far!! 👀


EP55: This week on VFAYW, Clarisse @cc_rn_ enlists the girls (@redsvintagethreads & @ninaburns) to get her out of her drab, black scrubs and into some fun, colorful vintage...STAT! 💊✅


EP54: Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to spend a day vintage shopping in the East Village. Did you know there’s a map to help you find all the cool spots? This week on VFAYW, Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns take a stroll (Pac-Man style) through the East Village Vintage Clothing Map! Take notes here or stop by EVVC anytime and grab yourself a copy! 👻👻👻


EP53: This week on VFAYW, Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns get a visit from out-of-towner Emily @em.miller8 (Mom & friends in tow), who just wants something fun to wear in the New York snow (...see what we did there 😉)


EP52: We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for a lewk back at some of our #vfayw leewwwwwks...👀👀👀 @evvintagecollective @redsvintagethreads @ninaburns @cunninglinguist4u @duckmeetsworld @mynewdentist @canttouchthisstyle @coryw4de @aspartamie @hunkyandco @moniiax3 @staveitoff @mileena_fox @degreesof360


EP51: This week on VFAYW, fashion blogger Nicole @darlingindots shows Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns how to transform a cool vintage dress with a touch of her special modern flair ✂️💫👗


EP50: This week Liza @lizacolbysound asks Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns to turn her current drab and black outfit into something fab and red for Valentine's Day! ❤️😍💋🌹


EP49: We're almost 50 episodes in! So we thought we'd celebrate with another installment of bloopers and outtakes since, well.. there are a lot of them.😆😆😆


EP48: This week on VFAYW, the team at EVVC pay tribute to a certain question that is just as relevant today as it always has been. Thanks to @erinwagner, @fungusboy, @66avi, @dualityjunkie, @ninaburns, @redsvintagethreads, Alex and Snacks for some stellar performances 😝


EP47: This week on VFAYW, Mads @madsjensen stops in for some fashion inspiration for her clowning endeavors, but Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninaburns might not be ready for just how weird she likes it...😱


EP46: This week on VFAYW, the baton has finally been passed. That's right, EVVC Jacksonville is now open with @alexanderthedrummer at the helm! For those of you in JAX, come on by and see us, and give us a follow on Insta @evvintagecollectivejax. For our non-JAX-dwelling vintage-loving friends, still follow us and stay tuned as you'll soon be able to shop affordable vintage from our JAX Instagram (we can ship anywhere)!!


EP45: This week on #VFAYW, Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) gives Nina (@ninaburns) some tips (based on direct experience) on becoming more "grunge" 💍👗💕❤️


EP44: This week on VFAYW, East Village actor/playwright/artist/icon Galinsky (@galinskyplace / @thebenchplay) returns from a stint in LA with a slightly new look (...and attitude 😒). Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) & Nina (@ninaburns) decide he needs a little de-Hollywood-izing. 😎😎😎


EP43: Some misty water-colored memories from our past year of VFAYW shenanigans. Thanks to YOU for watching us this year! Here's to another year of fun in 2019 🍻🍾🎉


EP42: This week on VFAYW, Maegan @redsvintagethreads and Nina @ninburns get a visit from actor and director Aimée @aimspringfor. She needs a hip new year's outfit... Break out the sparkles!! ✨✨✨


EP41: EVVC is coming to Jacksonville, Florida! On this episode of VFAYW, Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Nina (@ninaburns) show Maegan's brother Alex (@alexanderthedrummer) how to run the JAX outpost and induct him into the EVVC family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧


EP40: On this our 40th (what?!) episode of VFAYW, Jacksonville singer/songwriter Mere (@meremererae) stops by to exchange a little musical wisdom for some vintage t-shirt advice. Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Nina (@ninaburns) are more than happy with this deal 💁


EP39: This week's vintage fashion advice (you're welcome) is to get yourself on down to EVVC for the $15 ugly Christmas sweater of your dreams! We have a ton of 'em! 🎁❄️☃️


EP38: In the spirit of this holiday of gratitude, instead of saying “you’re welcome,” Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) and Nina (@ninaburns) would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has tuned in to watch #VFAYW over these past 37 eps!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Normal, non-schmaltzy programming will resume next week.😉


EP37: Baby it's cold outside! Maegan and Nina have got what it takes to get you nice 'n' toasty, as our special guest this week Lara finds out! 💁⛄️🌨


EP36: This week on VFAYW, our friend and local designer Shaun (@shaunclaudevandamme) stops by with some of his new handmade pants, and puts Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) & Nina (@ninaburns) to work pairing them with vintage pieces for his already eclectic wardrobe! If you are interested in buying a pair of Shaun's awesome pants, don't hesitate to reach out to him directly @shaunclaudevandamme!👖💙👖💛👖❤️


EP35: This week, we’re celebrating 35 eps of VFAYW with another installment of bloopers and outtakes. Yes, there are a lot of them. Enjoy!!😆😆😆


EP34: This week on VFAYW, the inimitable Maya stops by with a simple request: cool clothes! Can Maegan and Nina come through, or will Maya flip the switch and cool-school them instead?


EP33: This week on VFAYW, superstar make-up artist Amaly Dominguez (@amalydominguez) joins forces with Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) to give Nina (@ninaburns) a full 60s makeover! 👀👄💄💋


EP32: This week on VFAYW...costumes, costumes, costumes! Maegan and Nina run amuck in the store with some last-minute costume ideas to make your Halloween stress-free and spooktacular! 👻💀😱


EP31: Fashion blogger Andrea (@prettyproperquaint) stops by to show Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) & Nina (@ninaburns) a thing or two when it comes to mixing vintage with modern to create some hip fall looks 💁👢⚡️


EP30: This week, highlights from our 3-year anniversary party at East Village Vintage Collective! Thanks so, so much to Gayle Stacher for her tarot reading, Rebecca Duckert for her authentic New Orleans Snoballs, Bob Krasner for photographing the fashion show, Amaly Dominguez and Shaa'ista Nia for make-up, all the models, all our amazing guests and customers, and everyone else who made the night (and the last 3 years) a privilege and a total blast. 3 years is just the beginning, people! ⚡️🍾🎉🙏


EP29: The store is turning 3 years old! We cannot thank you all enough for your endless support and love. We are so thrilled to still be here after 3 years. As a thank you, we are throwing a party! Consider this your official, personal invitation 😘😘😘


EP28: Delia (@soul_much_heart) takes a break from stickering the city to visit Maegan (@redsvintagethreads) & Nina (@ninaburns) for some fabulous and flashy party-wear...oh, and a Debbie Gibson-inspired fitting room montage!


EP27: This week on VFAYW, we're going back to school! Well, our special guest Finn is, and she needs lots of cool, vintage mom-jeans, stat. Maegan & Nina are happy to oblige!


EP26: This week on VFAYW, Ronen pays the gals a visit with one goal in mind: to see if he can leave feeling more "him" than he did when he walked in...


EP25: This week on VFAYW, Anne pops in to ask Maegan and Nina: is there such a thing as maternity wear that doesn't look like maternity wear? Congratulations, Anne! And you're welcome.


EP24: Back by popular demand, it's outtakes and bloopers volume 2!


EP23: Jay just came back from Panorama Music Festival full of inspiration, and in need of a major wardrobe overhaul. Maegan and Nina are happy to help!


EP22: This week the gals get a visit from Nina's twin brother, Nick. Maegan and her surrogate twin Snacks watch as Nina tries to telepathically reel her more classically-styled bro into a totally over the top dress-up party!


EP21: On this episode of VFAYW, Liisa (@liisajokinen), creator of the NYC Vintage Map (@nycvintagemap), stops by to say hi and show Maegan & Nina how to put some vintage pieces together in artsy and cool ways!


EP20: It's our 20th episode, y'all!!! This week, Maegan & Nina turn the tables, as vintage stylist and creator of The Ultimate NYC Vintage Shopping Tour, Vanessa puts together outfits for them on the cheap. As always, thanks for watching!


EP19: On this week's episode, Mileena pays the gals a visit to get stocked up on swimwear and sunglasses for some urgently-required pool time!


EP18: Amy is jetting off for an adults-only Mexican beach resort vacay! Since her wardrobe is primarily jeans and tees, she enlists Maegan & Nina to help find her a couple of dressier, tropical outfits for those sultry evenings with her special companion. Bon voyage Amy...and, you’re welcome!


EP17: This week of VFAYW: hair, hair and more HAIR! Jamie, hair-stylist and vintage aficionado, uses accessories from around the shop to create some fun vintage styles for Emma, Nina and Maegan.


EP16: Foster has been to pretty much every party East Village Vintage Collective has every thrown, but today on VFAYW he wants to shop sober and party-distraction free, with a little one-on-one help from Maegan & Nina.


EP15: We have so much fun shooting these things that we nearly always end up with extra footage that we can't quite fit into our minute-long format. So, here for the first time ever, we give you volume 1 of VFAYW outtakes and bloopers! Please enjoy, and thanks y'all for watching and supporting our show, and thanks to all who have participated in the episodes. 14 episodes and still going strong!!!


EP14: This week on VFAYW, regular EVVC guest vendors Austin & Katie from Degrees of 360 visit the shop to pass along their eco-friendly fashion knowledge to little Frida!


EP13: This week on VFAYW, Cory wants to do pride week with a little vintage flair, so he drops by to get Maegan and Nina on the case!


EP12: This week, Maegan & Nina (& Snacks) show us how to use some classic accessories in unique ways.


EP11: This week on VFAYW, Monika drops in for some help with dancing herself through the decades. Armed with a treasure trove of items from East Village Vintage Collective (including some choice pieces from guest vendors @prizesforarla & @thecomosexual), Maegan & Nina take Monika from the 50s to the 90s, then back the 70s for her final outfit!


EP10: Can Maegan & Nina (and Snacks & Rainbow Brite) find the perfectly stylish AND comfortable jumpsuit for their dog-walking guest Vicky? Join us on this week's episode of VFAYW and find out!


EP9: Lana Part 2!! That's right, when we let her loose in the shop last week, she pulled together so many fun and creative outfits that we had to give her two episodes!


EP8: On this episode, Lana brings out her colorful and creative styling advice and shows Nina and Maegan that she really knows how to put an outfit together with items from the shop!


EP7: On this week's episode of VFAYW, Maegan & Nina are visited by international super lady Crystal Mesh. She definitely needs no fashion advice for herself, but her styling tips are much welcomed by our hostesses!


EP6: This week on VFAYW, Maegan & Nina get crafty and give some less-than-flattering vintage tees a cool new look!


EP5: Our buddy Sarah just joined a band, and she wants a new look for her first show. Luckily, Maegan & Nina are fluent in GLAM!


EP4: On this episode of VFAYW, our pal Rebecca stops in for some fun, 60s stylin' ideas for a spring wedding. Maegan & Nina are up for the challenge...


EP3: This week on VFAYW, our friend Jamie needs some help prepping for an 80s party, and she doesn't want Maegan and Nina to hold back!


EP2: This week our buddy Jill stops by. Her stylin' goal? Wearable 70s!


EP1: For our first episode, Maegan is inspired by her favorite pop icon when styling Nina for a night out on the town...


Trailer: A little intro to our new weekly show!